The First Price Winner

Sanket Lokhande, Ian Lau, Hao Xu

University of Nevada, Reno

"Intelligent Multi-User Millimeter-Wave MIMO Systems with Multiple Edge Computing Relays"

The Second Price Winner

Reese Grimsley1, Edward Andert2, Ian McCormack3, Eve Hu1 and Bob Iannucci1

1Carnegie Mellon University, 2Arizona State University, 3University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire

"One Program to Rule the Intersection"

The Third Price Winner

Xiyuan Zhu, Andrew Charway, and Rosa Zheng

Lehigh University

"Video Transmission through Underwater Acoustic Channels"

Honorable Mention-Application

Tomasz Lewicki, Francesco Vescio, Ruihua Cai, and Kaikai Liu

San José State University

"Networked UAV-based System for Early Fire Detection"

Honorable Mention-Implementation

Siquan Zhou, Peixuan Shu, Zhexin Shi, Xiwang Dong, and Yongzhao Hua

Beihang University

"Cooperative Control and Intelligent Decision Experiment Platform for Heterogeneous UAV-UGV Swarm System"

Honorable Mention-Presentation

Dominic Carrillo, Deyuan Qu, Sudip Dhakal, Sihai Tang, and Qing Yang

University of North Texas

"Raw Data Cooperative Perception on Autonomous Vehicles"