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The 2nd Student Design Competition on Networked Computing on the Edge

The First Place Winner

Daniel D'Souza, Mehrdad Kiamari, Lillian Clark, Jared Coleman

University of Southern California

"Graph Convolutional Network-based Scheduler for Distributing Computation in the Internet of Robotic Things"

The Second Place Winner

Sam Jijina, Jun Chen, Zhen Jiang, Ashutosh Dhekne, Hyesoon Kim

Georgia Institute of Technology

"Mobility Patterns to Optimize Communication for Distributed Capture Processing Onboard Autonomous UAVs"

The Third Place Winner

Peixuan Shu, Zhexin Shi, Zhaolong Yang, Jintong Yu, Zhiyan Zhou, Yiyang Chen, Changhai Wang, Xiwang Dong, Yongzhao Hua

Beihang University

"Heterogeneous UAV-UGV swarm experiment platform for cooperative mission"

Honorable Mention-Demo

Bhagawat Yedla, Md Rafiul Kabir, Darshith M Prakash, Venkata Sai Gireesh C, Sandip Ray

University of Florida

"AutoHaL: Hands on Exploration of Vulnerabilities in Automotive Systems"

Honorable Mention-Social Impact

Evan Wiseman, Will Strotz, Matt Facque, Zach Cook, Jacob Bercovich, Sanket Lokhande

University of Nevada, Reno

"EDGE Fire Fighting System"

Honorable Mention-Originality

Khairul Mottakin, Sania Afreen, SSM Tariq, Salwa Eljahmi, Zheng Song

University of Michigan-Dearborn

"UAV-Assisted Event Detection for Ground-Vehicles"

Honorable Mention-Exploration

Austin Liu, Ocean Xie, Dominic Carrillo, Qing Yang

University of North Texas

"Phantom Traffic Jam Prevention Using Cooperative Car Following Model"